Why Bangalore for Dental Treatment

  • Bangalore is a large city with a population of over ten million people.
  • Bangalore is also the IT hub of India.
  • The city is home to the best medical care in the country.
  • Bangalore offers excellent transportation, housing, hospitality facilities within easy reach.

Smile Craft Dental Implant Centre facility in Bangalore is modern, beautifully appointed and equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure on par with any global dental clinic. We are located in a central location in Bangalore, easily accessible from any part of the city.

Dental treatment in Bangalore also attracts more and more tourists. Patients taking a vacation in India and business travellers include dental treatment into their holiday plans -benefitting from high quality dental care as well as saving on treatment and travel costs.

We hope this website is helpful in understanding our practice, dental conditions, treatments & recommendations. Smile Craft Dental Implant Centre is equipped with the latest equipment and technology to deliver world class dental care and make your visit comfortable. Our Dentists are complimented by trained support staff. Our team’s informal approach will definitely help to put you at ease.

We will be delighted to provide consultation through email or phone prior to your visit. Our personnel will be glad to suggest, travel, stay and tips for the patient.

Quality Care, a Wealth of Choices, and Low Costs Makes Dental Care in Bangalore Attractive

We care for patients from around the world at Smile Craft Dental Implant Centre. Dental treatments n Bangalore is popular among visitors from overseas for its quality care and cost effectiveness. Dentists at Smile Craft Dental Implant Centre are experienced professionals, trained to communicate well and provide treatment with ease. We regularly treat patients from the US, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asian countries, in addition to treating patients from across the country. The medical profession in India is renowned around the world. Indian Doctors have a strong presence in most countries with an excellent track record. Dental treatments and procedures are not always covered by insurance in most western countries. Our comprehensive dental treatments, easily available skilled doctors and affordable fees make oral care in India and Bangalore specifically attractive for Global patients.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry deals with enhancement of appearance of teeth and improving one’s smile.